How do you handle toxic people? If someone has to tear you down, or deceive you, or betray you to make themselves feel better, they don’t have your best interest at heart. In fact, your heart probably doesn’t matter to them at all. Some relationships are just toxic and it’s best to know when to let those relationships be the one’s where the love of Jesus shines in you simply by having boundaries and not allowing yourself to engage with them. Reminding ourselves that we can’t change peoples hearts, only God can, relieves us of the need to fix everyone. Pray daily for them and that their hearts become soft to the truth that a true friend will love you at all times.

In our study last night, I was reminded, when someone tears you down, ask yourself truth questions. If someone says something negative about you, ask yourself who told you that? And is it who God says you are?

Does that mean everything a good friend tells us is always positive and encouraging? No, sometimes a friend has to plumb you up a little and hold you accountable. But it will NEVER be in contrast with who God says you are. You are loved, you are capable, you were worth Him dying for, you are Redeemed and blameless through his grace and mercy. God personally knit you together and nothing about you is a surprise to Him. He empowers you with His spirit to guide you and shore you up with strength when you struggle. His armor protects you and YOU ARE LOVED! Don’t ever trade that truth of who you are in Christ for the truth of who someone else claims you are.


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