Tomorrow ….and Forever

How many will get involved in government and politics after the election is over?  
This election has polarized the nation like I’ve never seen in my lifetime. And I truly believe the angst that plagues both sides is real. We are all afraid of what the other may do. And given each of our positions, we feel rightly so.  
I’d love to say after the election is over, we will all be fine, nothing will change. But for many, that actually won’t be true. What I can say with certainty, that if you have done your best to seek the heart of God and make your decision based on that, you can at the least have the knowledge that you have done your part.  

You can also have the assurance that God’s position never changes, His power never gets transferred away, He won’t go on vacation, and you still matter to Him. His party (the Trinity party) is always in office. He’s still capable and strong no matter who is in the White House, no matter what party rules the House and Senate. 

He’s more powerful than you will ever be able to comprehend. He has the ability to overthrow governments, replace leaders, humble nations and even change the heart of Kings. He will react to this election, He will re-act to our actions one way, or another. He has a response to the ballots we cast tomorrow, and it was planned before time began.  

And we should have a response too. Tomorrow, after you fill in the little oval, or click the box, you need a response too. Will you sit back and expect a President to fix it all, or destroy it all, or will you get involved? What will you do?

Will you pray for this land? Will you call a senator or congressman? Will you change what is acceptable to you personally and your family?  

Will you demand better every day from yourself, your family, your legislators, from your habits and hobbies, from everything you input into brain, your heart and home?  

Will you feel a let down after tomorrow? You might. I might. But do not stop being passionate about any position that you think portrays the heart of God! Get passionate about demanding more! Just know that once you’ve done your part, you can be at peace knowing God is on the throne!