Second Chances

People give other people second chances all the time. They argue, they make up. They betray each other, they forgive. They make bad decisions, they rectify the situation. They aren’t loving sometimes, they love again. They say things they don’t mean, and they apologize and try to do better. Why, when people are so fallible is it easy to give someone another chance?

And yet, when it comes to the creator of the universe, people struggle to let God have a restored place in their life. Without knowing the big picture in life they may feel He let them down because something bad happened. They may feel hurt or betrayed by their circumstances. Or maybe they just feel forgotten. And yet every morning when they wake up and take a breath and see the light in the sky, they still find it hard to believe again that God wants a restored relationship with them. But truth is, He, more than any fallible person, wants the restored relationship. So much so, that He offers grace, in advance, of every poor choice, every harsh word, every second of doubt. I would trust the creator of the universe far more than any mere human with my heart! Maybe He is who you need to give another chance to. Maybe someone you know is…

Recently I was contacted by a friend from middle and high school who asked for forgiveness from something done 30+ years ago. I didn’t even remember the offense. She so sweetly sought me out not knowing what my response would be. That’s how easy it is to restore a relationship with God himself. You only need to get in touch again on a personal level!

Praying today for people who need to restore the most important relationship of all.


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