I’m one of those people who when my head hits the pillow, I start thinking.  As I lay there not sleeping, I think of the weirdest things!  I wondered about Adam and Eve and what they slept on.  I’ve got to assume they slept on the ground.  Obviously there were no beds, there were no blankets for a while, and certainly not a “sleep number!”  How do you sleep face down when you’re on the ground?  Was there a sweet soft grass field that they slept on?  Now Eve might have had it better than Adam.  When Dale and I curl up in bed, I sleep with my head on his chest/shoulder.  So I’ve got a nice place to lay my head.  So maybe Eve slept like that on Adam.  If Adam laid on his back, then did his hair get all dirty?  Maybe that didn’t bother them.  I can’t imagine a garden without dirt.  Certainly bugs from ants to spiders must have been in the garden. 

Do you all think like this when you lay down to rest?  I think almost constantly.  So these things become analytical thought processes in my mind.   The garden itself was idyllic.  And Adam and Eve were created without clothing.  So apparently any  of the things that bother me outdoors must not have bothered them.  Perhaps they were so busy communicating with God that those things just didn’t matter.  Maybe we’d do well to follow that example/idea!  If our focus is entirely on our relationship with God, we might not be so focused on our surroundings either!

That’s my exercise for today.  Whenever a grumble begins to come out of my mouth, or swirl in my mind,  I’ll plan to switch it up quick to focus on my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I bet I could get into a much better habit of praising Him in all things if I make a conscious effort to replace one behavior with another! NOTHING HINDERS MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD LIKE I DO.  Instead, I want to build that relationship. 

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee.”  Isaiah 26:3  My mind needs to be diverted from my surroundings to my Savior! Oh how often we get caught in the frustrations of our situation, or the uncomfortable-ness of our surroundings.  Instead, if we capture those thoughts, and keep our mind and focus on Him, peace abounds.  That’s my aim today!  What’s yours?  I’d love to hear from you

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