The Marriage

It was late, really late.  Or maybe you’d say it was early, it wasw 3:33 am.  One of the little ones was coughing a bit and it woke me up about an hour ago.  But there’s something about mid-life really that doesn’t allow you to go back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. It only takes the slightest thing to wake me, but hours to get back to sleep.  I can see from the light of my laptop screen the inhabitants of my bed.   Snuggled between my husband and I is Lexie.  Lexie has made a habit of climbing in our bed recently.  And next to her, is my strong husband.  I notice him turning a bit and finally I whisper, “Are you just turning or are you awake too?”  He, who never seems to wake during the night, leaned up toward me and said, “I knew you needed a kiss so I woke up just for you.”  He kissed me and laid back down.

When he did, I had to laugh.  He took the lion’s share of the blankets and wrapped up to his neck.  Oh how times have changed!  It used to be I was the one wrapped in all the blankets, constantly moving close to him to stay warm. He was the one who used no blankets and slept like a man in the wilderness with his own fantastic metabolism to keep him warm. Now, he gets cozy in the blankets and I am the one throwing them off all night for the sudden feelings of tropical heat, the kind that bakes you from the inside out.  I said, “Look at you, the blanket hog!  My oh my have times changed! .”  His groggy humor rose to the occasion, “It’s insulation against all the heat you throw.” He chuckled and rolled over, back to sleep, as if our sweet exchange never happened.

I look at him with a blessed heart. It’s years of living and loving and growing that brings us to our life of today.  It’s age and understanding, it’s trials and guesswork, sometimes even fiery tempers, it’s wisdom and laughter, it’s a blessed love and tenderness that has grown us, together, tightly as one. The thought came to mind, “Is it any wonder that Christ used the marriage relationship as an example of His relationship with us? “   He knew it was an example we would understand.   Just as in the marriage relationship, a wife desires to grow closer to her husband.  She begins to become one with him in thought, she desires to please him, she doesn’t always understand him…but she wants to.  As they grow in years, she finds herself reacting in a way that would make him happy and he is a husband who is proud of her.  She is loyal, and he is strong.  He guides and directs firmly but with tenderness and she is eager to follow. Ah…yes…this is the relationship Christ wants of us. It’s continual, it’s sacrificial, it’s based on a commitment in spite of circumstances…yes, one day we will become that bride He has planned us to be. And it will be a great day!  …..Rev. 21:2!

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