Fall is in the air.  The cooler nights and mornings leave no doubt that summer is quickly coming to an end.  While I mourn summer’s passing, fall seems to be everyone else’s favorite time of year.  I’m not going to lie, fall is not my favorite.  Summer is.  Summer sun and ninety degrees would suit me all year long!  Fall means winter is coming.  As I ran out with a hoodie on this morning to feed the chickens, I realized the grass is greening back up again and will probably grow at a faster rate again than the hot days of summer.  That lush green grass is deceiving though.

When we first planted our grass seed almost 20 years ago, we worked hard at having a nice lawn.  We fertilized it and filled in areas that suffered.  We added seed and my husband took much pride in it.  As the years have gone on, we fought the urge because of both the cost and no longer wanting to corrupt our land with chemicals.  So from the window, it looks great.  But as you walk farther from the house, you can see the weeds much more clearly than the actual grass.  The weeds grow prolifically where the grass fills only the places the weeds haven’t.  In the daylight, looking straight down, we definitely have a country lawn!

Later in the evening, as I made my way out in the dark to lock the chickens back up, my flashlight shined a good sized round circle of light on the ground.  I specifically noticed that in the diffuse light, the grass looked pretty good.  The weeds weren’t nearly as noticeable in the artificial light as they were in the bright daylight.  It almost made me feel better about our sorry looking lawn!

I couldn’t help but think of that flashlight circle for a while.  I had just reminded my Tuesday morning Bible Study group that light and dark can not co-exist.  But the lawn kind of threw me here.  Even though my flashlight penetrated the darkness, it didn’t reveal what the daylight did.  It may have been some light in the darkness, which then means it’s no longer completely dark, but it wasn’t a revealing light like the daylight.

I wonder what would happen if we examined every area of our lives with the bright daylight, the true light of God’s word, versus the soft artificial light that we’ve become accustomed to calling “light”.   It’s a harsher light, no doubt.  It’s a serious light, for sure.  True light cannot co-exist with darkness.  Holy can never co-exist with un-holy.  Putting everything through the daylight test can truly show us how weedy and deceiving the lawn of our lives really is.  Are you up for the exposition?  The only way to truly examine our lives is to expose it to the light of God’s word, and the only way to experience that light, get in the Word.  The weeds will be a lot more noticeable!

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