Giving and Grinning

Every year on Oct 31, I stop at the “big tent” to pick up a few bushels of items that keep through the cold. I love bushels of my favorite acorn squash long into the winter months. The Northern Farm Market is run by a very nice man who two years in a row has donated some items toward our Wednesday night dinner at church. This is the last day every year that he is open for business. However when I stopped in, I found out they shut down a day early yesterday. But George was there and he let me buy my items. He offered me a deal, I gave him extra to make up for it and started to load up my purchases. Another young man pulled up and picked out a few things and George said “how about all that for $15”. The young man was thrilled with the deal and pulled out his debit card. George apologized “we shut down our machine yesterday”. The young guy and his wife looked disappointed. He said back to his mom, “you dont happen to have cash do you?” I stepped up and paid George for his items. George seemed wonderfully stunned and the young man, well he stumbled all over himself in gratitude. It was really fun! I looked over at my Emma and she was grinning from ear to ear at what she was watching. We loaded the items on Emma’s side of the car and then I walked around to the other to get in. The young man kept waving and waving with a funny smile that was beyond just thankfulness. I kept waving back. As we drove home I was thrilled to see my little girl still smiling and knowing she learned the joy of giving today ……And then…..

After we got home and unloaded she walked in my bedroom. She sat down still smiling and said “here…” She reached out and handed me a $20 bill. I refused assuming she was trying to pay for what we had done. And then she cracked up and said “this is from the young guy. As you went around the corner he snuck it to me and said “don’t tell your mom”. I knew his smile wasn’t just thankfulness! He got away with something! And Emma? That grin on the way home wasn’t because she understood joy, she was on an undercover mission for the young man!  

Lately, I can’t do anything well! Not even give generously! I ended with $5 more than I started with!

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