Messy People

Coming from a mom of ten, if I say “people are messy”, you’re probably envisioning the rooms in my house. In your mind they would likely be rooms with un-made beds and clothes strewn along the floor. There’d be dishes in the sink, and the table would be full of “stuff” including all of last week’s mail. If that’s what you’re picturing for the word “messy” in the house of a big family, then you’d actually be right, sometimes! Sometimes, the world gets away from us for a moment, usually at very busy times. But then we catch up and get some order back in real quick. 
That’s not the kind of messy I’m talking about. I couldn’t have come to a stronger conviction that “people are messy” than I did sitting right here in McDonald’s this morning. I needed some internet time and so I sat down to a biscuit and some coffee. I was very much stuck with only one choice for a seat because I needed the plug for my laptop. It put me right between two groups of people. One was a group of six white haired ladies. They were slightly behind me. Slightly in front of me were four white haired men. The women, I guess some would say typically, were louder at first than the men. They were talking local politics and I was thrilled to hear they were in total agreement with my local views. They were sharp and knew exactly what was going on. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and felt a little bit of small town pride knowing there are people like this going to our polls. 
Eventually the men’s voices drowned out the women and I cued into their conversation. I was more excited than I was with the women’s points of view. The men were talking about the fear of the Lord and having a reverential type fear as opposed to a scaredy-cat kind of fear. They spoke of King Saul and all of his guffaws. They spoke of David. They talked about being real men of God. I was just about to walk up and thank them because we need men like this in our towns, in our schools, in our churches. They got to the end of that thread of conversation and someone said, “Hey, how about those Detroit Tigers?” Another answered, “maybe we’ll get a new manager! I was watching the other day and one of those Victoria Secret commercials came on. My wife quickly brought up the program guide to cover the screen!” The conversation slowly slid into the abyss with the conclusion of it stopping here: “I’m just admiring God’s beauty.” ….oh, that slide into the abyss hit my spirit too as my initial excitement turned to heartache for wives everywhere.
I turned away for a split second thinking how’d we go from talking about God’s plan for Godly men into using God as an excuse for lusting after women. It was then I realized the old ladies behind me were now fired up and cussing up a storm! Followed by “for Christ’s sake, put that away!!”. I looked up and saw one of the old men standing up scratching his belly. He fired back, “it’s my six pack. You know you want more!” The ladies conversation slid as far as the men’s at that point.
Oh, humanity…who are we and where are we going. People are messy! I wonder if God thought the same thing when he poured into his servant David. As David sang to him in the fields, herding the sheep. As he stoned the massive giant. As he became King of God’s own people. And then as he slept with another man’s wife… Does God look at us and say, “people are messy.” Does he shake his head and wonder “who are they and where are they going? They’re not the people I created them to be and they’re not doing what I created them to do.” 
How messy are you?
“If my people…will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV


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