Who’s in charge here??

The other day, I told one of my five year old twins that I was going to Bible Study.  She said, “Can I be in charge while you are gone?”  Now as funny as it was that she was even asking, I thought, “How interesting, she has to ask permission to be in charge!  What a concept!”  I told her that normally our oldest daughter is in charge when she is the one home and she would have to go ask her.  She sweetly said, “Okay, mommie.”  And, off she went.  

It stuck with me most of the day really.  Partly because there is a hierarchy issue going on in our house.  Currently, the older two who are normally home together are only two years apart.  One is the oldest girl.  The other is the youngest boy.  But he is many years in age from the oldest three boys.  So he’s kind of like an “only boy” sometimes.   He has a need to exert a little authority at times that are very inconvenient, like right when my daughter is trying to do so…and the clash happens.  In fact, they were at it again that day as I ran a couple errands on the way home.  

As I woke this morning, and I thought about the order of my day, I realized something that was very interesting from my twin’s original question.  Each day, we wake up and hopefully we all spend our time talking with God about the day.  And just like my twin, he says to us, “Can I be in charge today?”  What’s the answer?  Some days we say, “okay, God.”  Other days, we struggle and fight back and forth over who is in charge.  We know it’s him, and yet we try to exert our authority into our day causing all kinds of chaos! 

Who’s in charge of your day today?  Does He have full permission to have it His way?  

Today, I’m home all day with them, so momma’s in charge of them.  And if I do the day right, I’ll let God’s be in charge of me!  All day!

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