The Shoe Box

I was cleaning my room the other day. You know, the kind of cleaning
where everything comes out from under the bed, the drawers get emptied, the desk gets organized and all that! I’m looking for a specific piece of paper. I was pretty sure it wasn’t in my room, but you can’t prove it till you go the distance. And…truth be told, it needed that kind of cleaning anyway. I made a nice size garbage bag of “stuff” to throw out, and a bag of “stuff” to donate. I got a little sidetracked when I got to our bathroom. It sort of needed that “on your hands and knees” kind of scrubbing from winter dust settling and the house being closed up in the winter. It really was one of those deep cleaning kind of days.

In the process, I was gathering little kid toys. I grabbed a big empty shoe box and as I cleaned areas of my room, I picked up all the little toys that generally seem to migrate to my room. Since Lexie and Livvie don’t have their things where they sleep, not enough dresser space, they tend to bring their toys into my room. I know that this too shall pass, except for that moment in the dark when I step on the sharp corner of a Duplo or Polly Pocket! I found Nerf darts and Barbie clothes and Duplos and enough other toys to fill the shoe box. I called the girls to come put it all away. No sooner had I turned around and back again and I realized that most of the toys were out of the shoe box, laying on the floor right next to it. Olivie was still there and I said, “what are you doing? I just had those all thrown in the box!” She looked at me and said very patiently, “I’m organizing it.” I looked over her shoulder to peer into the box and there were all the Nerf darts neatly lined up next to each other. The Barbie’s were laying side by side and the Duplos were stuck together to make one toy, not many. She was right. She was organizing.

The thought struck me how there are moments for hurrying up and throwing everything in a box, like right before company comes! And there are moments for deep cleaning and organizing. It’s likely the same way I approach scripture. Some days, I just need a word! A word from THE Word! I need to go to one spot, re-read it for myself and use it right then and there. But other times, I need to learn and grow and dig and sort it all out. I need to arrange it chronologically with other scriptures and compare them to each related reference.

Thank God it’s ok to do it either way. Thank God, scripture is applicable both the moment I need it and at the times where I need to dissect and learn and grow from it. Lately, I’ve been in dissecting mode, studying lessons for an upcoming women’s retreat and for a series I plan to teach over a few weeks time. But I don’t question for a moment that it’s available to me at the exact moment I need it too. What isn’t ok? Not to do either!

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